Welcome to the BIID wikiEdit

This site aims to inform people about a relatively unknown and misunderstood condition which leads people to need an impairment of some sort. The most often sought impairments are: amputation, paraplegia, blindness, deafness.

We offer information for people who have BIID, their family and friends, researchers, the press, and the general public. Our goal is to provide as complete an understanding of Body Integrity Identity Disorder as possible.

This site is about BIID, by people who have BIID, although we present the viewpoint and material of many other people. Transabled individuals understand their condition best, and are able to speak about Body Integrity Identity Disorder from personal experience rather than just from a theoritical understanding of it. That said, we hope that researchers and medical professionals will participate on the site.

This site is a continuation of the original BIID wiki at by Sean O'Connor.

What is BIID?Edit

Body Integrity Identity Disorder, or BIID, is a condition characterised by an overwhelming need to align one's physical body with one's body image. This body image includes an impairment (some say disability), most often an amputation of one or more limbs, or paralysis, deafness, blindness, or other conditions. In other words, people suffering from BIID don't feel complete unless they become amputees, paraplegic, deaf, blind or have other "disabling" conditions.

(For more information please see Body Integrity Identity Disorder.)