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John Money, Russell Jobaris, and Gregg Furth

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The Journal of Sex Research. Vol. 13, No2, pp.115-125 May, 1977

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The findings in two cases show that self-demand amputation (apotemnophilia) is related to erotization of the stump and to overachievement despite a handicap. The apotemnophiliac obsession represents an idée fixe rather than a paranoid delusion. It may beconceptually related to, though it is not identical with transsexualism, bisexuality, Munchausen syndrome, and masochism. As with most paraphilias it undoubtedly occurs more frequently, if not exclusively, in men. The two patients related apotemnophilia to recalled experiences of childhood which were necessary but not sufficient for a causal explanation. The precise etiology of the condition is not known, and there is no agreed-upon method of treatment.

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This article is significant in that it records the first modern-day case of the desire to be an amputee.